Ren (egnirysdetcejni) wrote in nyappy_cafe,


[mood| Cheerful]

Ok... I've been a member for awhile now... but I never did introduce myself... so here goes...

1.who's your real name or nick name?? Ren
2. who's your fave member?? why?? Bou... because he kicks ass at guitar and is really pretty... as pretty as Mana... o.o;; *points to layout*
3. which your fave song ?? why?? DAKKU no MAJIKARU ADOBENCHAA and because it just rocks having the voice of Donald Duck in there. XD
4. who's tell you about ancafe?? Um... just seeing them around LJ.
5. how do you think about ancafe?? Love them. Their music is great. =3
6. how do you think about the ancafe song?? Which one? o.O;;
7. how do you think about miku?? Good vocalist. He's hilarious when he sings out of pitch.
8. how do you think about bou?? Prettttty...
9. how do you think about kanon?? Looks like Aoi... do you think about teruki?? Hm... I don't know what I think of him... o.o do you think about ancafe style?? oshare kei?? Love it. It's crazy.
12. are you cosplayer??(if yes show me your photos just ancafe style!!^^) No... I doubt I'd look good in anything... T T;;
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