h-tyi / yue (obsessour) wrote in nyappy_cafe,
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Teruki dedicated post.

*I know my Japanese isn't very good so if I misinterpreted anything I sincerely bang my head against the wall.

I just read Teruki's new post. It's a long one and I'm so sorry I skipped the middle portion because it was full of words I am definitely not going to be able to understand but the last paragraph was particularly...

So here's a little exerpt of a translation;


...when I was a secondary school student, my grandfather passed away on 12/24. and then on the 12/24 of last year, my cousin passed away as well. My father as well as older brother passed away on the date of 12/24 as well. That's why I want to give as a present to my father, the good memories of 12/24 when, his son played (hit the drums) in front of 2000 people. I'm sure he would be very joyful. Haha, that was a rather desperate thing to say. So that means, everyone (who were at the live, and of course, fans who supported) had unknowningly, helped out in fulfilling my filial piety. Thank you.

Good Night~.

Well, that was my translation. If there's anything that you think I might have interpreted wrongly it is neccesary that you correct me.
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