wow...ancafe update the website!!^^ thank you angie for the info then the barner^^ so aww.....look and see in the profile community^^

thank you^^


just info^^

news...DVD of ancafe^^


the link :
news DVD
click the pikku

check now...........

enjoy with ancafe
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excuse me!!!


after see the live video last in august,02nd yeah..ichiban nii onna~~~ so cool!!!

many fangirls histeric!!! hahaha...bou so cool!!! likes boi now!!! hehe...

but....i want to the lyric of the song!!!! can someone tell me to find the lyric!!!

thank you!!!

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i hope phiii chan doesnt care that i post this here^^

hi hi minna san :3
i hope phiii chan doesnt mind if i advirtise here^^

mk, i have to tell you all about this totally shweet community called jrock_fanfic.
this is a place where you can post up fics about eny jrock band, jrockers, or jrocker.
edit, comment, and read fanfics as much as you want!
woot woot!
you could even win banners to show off in your profile from our challenges xD
so come join us at jrock_fanfic, you know you want to^^
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the real name??

hey, everybody, can you tell me about the real name of member of ancafe!!! so stupid me!!! just know real name of BOU!!! but the other i don't know!!! awww..............*HISTERIC CAUSE STUPID MYSELF*

yeah..bou is rabu bou and the other?? tell me plz!!^^

thank you!!^^

about the layout

hey...give me voice please about the layout!!! how do you think?? thank you!! and

which your fave layout ??

yesterday with ancafe sakura.....with pink background or now.....with ancafe sexpot backgound and so meeoooww....???hahahaha............

thank you

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nyuu~~ love story?? tired time...then i'm make a new story about me (yesterday) and so BOU hohoho...cute bou!!! let's see now!!!

hope you enjoy it!!!

yeah in the community too!!!

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hoho..want to share it in other community please....introduce me!!!nyuu~~ or maybe.....see the rule page:

hohho....thank you!!!

smiley now!!^^


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hohoho......i'm back again with about BOU!!!
tell about BOU now!!!
umm...hey...someone tell me about bOU's GuiTAr??
where's he buy!! and then the type of guitar??
tell me!!^^
thank you!!!
i update my profile!!!! in the both with gallery of pic!!! see now!!^^
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hoho....i make the code too!!! please visit my page and then don't forget to leave me comment for me!!! thank you very much!!!
in here:

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posting ancafe drawing picture

okey then today posting ancafe draw picture!!!

make kanon but so bad!!! yeah cause 10 minutes to draw it!!! sorry kanon!!!

and make miku!!15 minutes to draw!!!nyappy cause so good!!!^^

really good!!^^

and then make a bou!!! much a 20 minutes so hard to make cute bou!!^^

yeah...the teruki much a 10-13 minutes!!! easy to make teruki!!! and hard to make kanon and bou!!! hohohohohoXDD

okey....let's see the picture!!!

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